Monday, October 15, 2007

our son

So great, so nice...two months after we got married, my wife conceived. Knowing about her pregnancy, I am sure most fathers would agree that the excitement was overwhelming. On March 28, wife and I were together the whole day. We brought the car to the mechanic for some repairs and did some errands. We arrived home around 9:30 in the evening. Ana took her routine shower. Later, she approached me complaining about the pains (labor pains). I, well, acting to be cool, advised her to monitor every ten minutes, if the pain subsides then it shouldn't be it, it could be just a false alarm. After five minutes, she could no longer stand the bad, I assisted her in going down the stairs. The good thing was, we have prepared and packed all we thought that are needed if the time comes. I had to incline the car seat to make her comfortable while on the road. I did not even secure here with a safety belt! It was around 10:00 o'clock in the evening. We travelled from Sta. Rosa to Las Pinas. Know what, I thought that I was ready for that event but while driving and looking at my wife, in pain...I just realized that I was in the mode of panic. I rushed her to the nearest hospital which was not the recommended institution by her OB Gyne. The emergency room was somewhat deserted...I saw only two patients, an old man wife. At a distant, I saw my wife in terrible pain, laboring...and the nurses did not even talk to her at let her feel ease...NO, they just left her in on of the curtained rooms and the doctor on duty, he just continued accommodating the other patient, so cool, so relax... I thank to Lord that nothing happened to my family that night, I might have sent that doctor to their own curtained room! I ordered the elderly to transfer my wife back to our car. I drove her to the hospital as recommended by her OB Gyne. When we arrived at the hospital, I was, I was still in panic...I remembered, asking one the nurses to get my blood pressure was high but I felt ease seeing staff in Perpetual Hospital Las Pinas took care of my wife very well. We arrived at 12:00 midnight and around 1AM, March 29, 2001,... I have met one of my special son, Zev. A beautiful creation!