Monday, October 15, 2007

my wife

Year 1998, I was with my friend, Bros (who is in the journey of priesthood life now), when we joined a Catholic charismatic community, "Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon". In my first year with the group, I gained a lot of good friends. We are young professionals with a mission of evangelizing our workplaces as well as addressing our own spiritual struggles and issues with the Lord's guidance.

Looking back at those years, I have been asking the Lord to grant me a partner in life before I reach 32. wish was granted. Let me go through how I met my lifetime partner. I have been considering a number of ladies outside the community to broaden my choices...guys, you know what I mean. In one birthday occasion, I noticed this lady, a young looking "chinita" which I thought to be 5 years younger that I was but surprisingly, I was wrong after knowing that she is a year older. It did not bother me of pursuing my interest on her. To cut it short, we got to know each other, we had a relationship then we got engaged. We were already in our prime age, no more common romantic journey, no more sweety-sweety relationship, we were at the right age, we know what we feel, then we decided to get married after a year. Of course, we really did not rush everything, we have gone through series of seminars before we started planning for the wedding. In the year 2000, the millenium year, we got married at St. James, the Great Parish Church in Ayala Alabang. I was a very solemn marriage celebration for us and for our families. A very nice moment to of my special people, my wife Ana.