Sunday, October 21, 2007

maya-maya resort outing

The Maya-Maya resort is one of Manila's closest Clearwater Resort Spa located in Nasugbu, Batangas and offering total relaxation in clean, green and spacious surroundings.)

Thanks to Feria's (Randy and Love), who arranged everything with the mmyc's management for some discounts. We stayed overnight. We love the place. In was indeed a refreshing resort. We have travelled almost 2 hours (so many stop-overs)

In August, 2003, good friends from our former prayer community invited us to spend a weekend in Punta Fuego Beach Resort, Nasugbu, Batangas. But since the resort was fully booked, one of our friends suggested that we try another resort which was Maya-Maya Beach and Yacht Club. We were disappointed at first because Punta Fuego that time was newly opened and it was popular among the rich and famous (huh, feeling r and f), but when we arrived in Maya-Maya, we felt at home right away. It’s also in front of the beach and there were boats and yachts which guests could rent. We checked in and we rented three nice and comfortable nipa huts (airconditioned huts with toilet and bath). Accommodations may not be as luxurious as the Punta Fuego but the place was exclusively for members(fortunately the uncle of one of our friends is a member of the club). It was not crowded (there were only two other small groups of guests) unlike other beaches in Batangas. The ambiance was peaceful and relaxing.

Maya-Maya resort has a restaurant/bar and recreation area with billiards, darts and videoke units. Even though it’s in front of the beach, it has a nice and clean swimming pool. We swam at the pool, our son enjoyed swimming, he was only 2 years old then.

Then, we went boating and jet skiing at El Terrazas Punta Fuego Beach Resort. It was a first time for my wife and I to ride a jet ski. Our friends also enjoyed the afternoon of water sports.

Our good friends (right to left) - Goods, Riza, Mini, Lucky, my wife Ana, Vanessa, Randy and Love.

The next day, we woke up early, my son (kim) was so excited to swim again in the pool. He enjoyed riding on his inflated duck shaped balloon. He was laughing loudly while we alternately played with him.
After that, we went boating again to view the islands around. We saw nicely built private beach houses along the shore. The waves were quite strong but our guide assured us that it’s still safe. We were able to drop by at the Punta Fuego Main Club House, at least we spent some time in our original choice. The infinity pool tempted us to take a dip. The view from the infinity pool was breathtaking.

Well, sometimes we should take time to relax and unwind. Our minds and bodies must take a break from daily stressful activities and pollution. Spending an out of town but affordable weekend with family and friends is a good alternative of breaking our daily routine.

If you have a nice long weekend schedule and want to try a good resort...consider Maya-Maya.

You may contact them at:
Sanctuary Spa at Maya-Maya (MMYC)
Bo.Natipuan, Nasugbu4231 Batangas Philippines
Tel. No.: 0918-9097170/0918-9097167
Fax No.: 0918-9320483
For Inquiries: Email Us at


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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

dioko resort and butterfly farm

Located in San Pablo, Laguna, it features outdoor pool for your swimming pleasure, pool slides to complement your swimming pleasure, meeting rooms for your group functions, KTV area where you can sing your heart out, a souvenir shop for your pasalubong and keepsakes, free parking area, 24-hour security to assist and guard you within the property. They also have their own paintball wargame field. You just have to rent gears, gun, and ammo.
This is Nina. Guess what she was holding...yup, it is an ostrich egg. Fresh from the zoo! We actually saw it being laid. The zookeeper gave us a chance to hold-on to it. Well, the resort is amusing. As you nearing the place, you don't actually expect something spectacular but when you checked in and roam the will be surprised. They have this mini zoo with a family of ostrich, an eagle, falcon, heron, a dear, a kangaroo called "kangaroo tree", at a lot more. I have not visited the butterfly farm but I have heard from my wife that it was nice! If you are looking for a five star accommodation, this is not the resort you are looking for but I tell you, just get a good, you don't really need one luxurious room. It just fit right! They have these 3 different pool sizes...and I was in kiddy sized pool because of Zev. Pools are clean!

It took us 1 hour ride from Binan, Laguna. The travel was fine and smooth with minimal traffic but do drive cautiously. Drive slow and enjoy the greenery both sides of the road.

We may have to visit the resort again.
Dioko Resort and Butterfly Farm
Brgy. San Joaquin, San Pablo, Laguna
Tel: (049) 800-4542 / 247-5691 / 534-1274

Monday, October 15, 2007

our son

So great, so nice...two months after we got married, my wife conceived. Knowing about her pregnancy, I am sure most fathers would agree that the excitement was overwhelming. On March 28, wife and I were together the whole day. We brought the car to the mechanic for some repairs and did some errands. We arrived home around 9:30 in the evening. Ana took her routine shower. Later, she approached me complaining about the pains (labor pains). I, well, acting to be cool, advised her to monitor every ten minutes, if the pain subsides then it shouldn't be it, it could be just a false alarm. After five minutes, she could no longer stand the bad, I assisted her in going down the stairs. The good thing was, we have prepared and packed all we thought that are needed if the time comes. I had to incline the car seat to make her comfortable while on the road. I did not even secure here with a safety belt! It was around 10:00 o'clock in the evening. We travelled from Sta. Rosa to Las Pinas. Know what, I thought that I was ready for that event but while driving and looking at my wife, in pain...I just realized that I was in the mode of panic. I rushed her to the nearest hospital which was not the recommended institution by her OB Gyne. The emergency room was somewhat deserted...I saw only two patients, an old man wife. At a distant, I saw my wife in terrible pain, laboring...and the nurses did not even talk to her at let her feel ease...NO, they just left her in on of the curtained rooms and the doctor on duty, he just continued accommodating the other patient, so cool, so relax... I thank to Lord that nothing happened to my family that night, I might have sent that doctor to their own curtained room! I ordered the elderly to transfer my wife back to our car. I drove her to the hospital as recommended by her OB Gyne. When we arrived at the hospital, I was, I was still in panic...I remembered, asking one the nurses to get my blood pressure was high but I felt ease seeing staff in Perpetual Hospital Las Pinas took care of my wife very well. We arrived at 12:00 midnight and around 1AM, March 29, 2001,... I have met one of my special son, Zev. A beautiful creation!

my wife

Year 1998, I was with my friend, Bros (who is in the journey of priesthood life now), when we joined a Catholic charismatic community, "Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon". In my first year with the group, I gained a lot of good friends. We are young professionals with a mission of evangelizing our workplaces as well as addressing our own spiritual struggles and issues with the Lord's guidance.

Looking back at those years, I have been asking the Lord to grant me a partner in life before I reach 32. wish was granted. Let me go through how I met my lifetime partner. I have been considering a number of ladies outside the community to broaden my choices...guys, you know what I mean. In one birthday occasion, I noticed this lady, a young looking "chinita" which I thought to be 5 years younger that I was but surprisingly, I was wrong after knowing that she is a year older. It did not bother me of pursuing my interest on her. To cut it short, we got to know each other, we had a relationship then we got engaged. We were already in our prime age, no more common romantic journey, no more sweety-sweety relationship, we were at the right age, we know what we feel, then we decided to get married after a year. Of course, we really did not rush everything, we have gone through series of seminars before we started planning for the wedding. In the year 2000, the millenium year, we got married at St. James, the Great Parish Church in Ayala Alabang. I was a very solemn marriage celebration for us and for our families. A very nice moment to of my special people, my wife Ana.