Saturday, December 8, 2007

field trip to avilon zoo!

Field my age? so happened that my wife was not available that day for my son's school activity. I opt not to allow anyone to take care of my kid inside the zoo and so, I had to take an emergency leave. If my memory serves me right, the last time I went to a zoo was when I was 9 years old. The place was not that impressive then and it is probably the reason why I was not excited to go along with my kid which by the way, woke up early, dressed up without tantrums, all smile from our home to his school...he was awesomely excited.

We took a private bus which was provided by the school and it took at least 2 hours drive from Binan Laguna to Montalban. Entering Montalban is not an easy drive because you will pass along a narrow road with several trucks meeting you. You will know that you're nearing Avilon Zoo when you come across a zigzag downhill path...better be careful out there... then be observant and notice their signage.

You will pass by a short bridge and beyond that you will see Avilon's viewing tower artistically made like a native hut. My son was quite restless knowing that we've arrived. Like I was at their age, we were made to fall-in line and calling our names and need to shout...PRESENT! As we took a step across their inner gate, their calm cool nicely man-made lagoon welcome us.

Avilon's personnel are friendly. They will give you a tour that will take at least 2 hours...don't worry you will have a stop-over somewhere up the hill and take some refreshments. Nice facilities! We had hotdog sticks with my kid and a soda. By the way, you can bring along your food if you like but it will just be a burden. The place provides practically descent food but don't expect tenderloin steak out there.

The tour was very nice. The place is very nice. The animals were generally peaceful that day...they were very nice. The number of species exhibited are good...enough for you to say that this is a zoo alright! The landscape and overall design of the zoo is cool. Excellent!

I tell you, in half-way of our tour...I've just realized that I was more excited than my son Kim! I kept saying..."Wow! Kim! Look at that...oh, real tiger...oh what the...real hyenas!" There is no zoo like it in the Philippines.

up close and personal
Also, we were particularly exhilarated by the chance to feed the eight foot long Arupaima fish. Kim fed some...
The AVILON MONTALBAN ZOOLOGICAL PARK is the largest zoological park in the Philippines to date. Nestled in the picturesque valley of Barrio San Isidro, Rodriguez (formerly Montalban),Rizal, Philippines, the 7.5-hectare land area of the Zoo was once raw rice land.

AVILON had its un seeming beginnings when Mr. Jake Gaw, an avid animal hobbyist who,at the age of four had his first encounter with animals while staying at his grandpa's farm in Sta. Ana,Manila (still quite rural then) mingled among goats, cows, pigs and chickens at the farm. This initial encounter would make such a lasting impression on young Jake that he carried his interest in animals from then on. Thus, from guppies and budgies, Jake over the years extended and expanded his interest and collection to arapaimas and eagles and lions and macaques, pythons,etc.

Overall, it was the zoo's management that most impressed the visitors. Carefully designed enclosures allowed visitors to come up close, and it was obvious that the animals were being given excellent veterinary care. The signs near each enclosure were informative and the tour guides augmented the information with colorful anecdotes about the particular animal in each cage.

I give a high-five for this zoo!

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