Saturday, November 24, 2007

reunion - plantation bay mactan resort cebu

After 5 years, my elder brother Jude flew back in Cebu with his family for a month stay vacation. I envy that long rest days. Me...I only had an approved 5 days leave! We thought of it as a first reunion after our Mom's death. It was memorable especially when you see your nephews and nieces grown so big and starting to converse with you. Actually, our last meeting happened after my marriage with Ana. We spent our vacation in Bohol somewhere in Panglao Island (oh, nice place).

Thanks to Jude and wife Tes for being the sponsor of our stay in the Plantation Bay Resort Mactan Cebu. The place is awesome! Nothing in Manila can beat this hotel resort. I guess, they have the biggest pool in Philippines. We stayed in a room in a compound with its own small island pool. Sorry, I have not taken any picture of it. Breakfast was great! I love filipino treats. Fresh fruits, mangoes...oh no place like home!

My favorite part was the kiddy pool. It has a bubble massage as you settle yourself along the side. You won't be missing it, there are carved seats for comfort. I was having fun then seeing my son Kim, so happy playing with his cousins...which I believe he doesn't know any about blood relative at his age. We spent time also in the lagoon...very nice.

I should say, in one simple was fun. However, we missed Ana. She was not able to come with us to Cebu due to work commitment. Thanks to Agnes and husband Bong for the logistics.

If you have budget, try this resort. High five!

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