Wednesday, November 21, 2007

paeng in personal

Paeng Nepomuceno of the Philippines is a six-time world champion and is acknowledged worldwide as the greatest international bowler in the history of the sport. In recognition of his achievements, Juan Antonio Samaranch personally awarded Paeng with the prestigious IOC Presidents' Trophy which is the first for the sport of bowling. The International Bowling Hall of Fame displayed a glass encased 7-foot photo of Paeng at its bowling museum entrance based in St. Louis Missouri, U.S.A. The Guinness Book of World Records commencing with its 1994 edition, listed Paeng as having won the most number of World Cups which were achieved in each of three different decades. The World FIQ, the governing body of the sport, named Paeng as the “International Bowler of the Millennium” in behalf of 100 million bowlers. - Paeng's homepage

I guess this is the reason why Paeng was invited in our CBN day in P&G Cabuyao Plant as our main guest. I am very impressed the way he gave and still giving pride to Filipinos. If my memory serves me well, he mentioned about in one international event he had, as he was about to take his stance for a throw, he heard from behind critics about Filipinos. They said about using coconut to practice bowling. Ah man...big mistake. Obviously, Paeng heard it and that made him thrive hard to practice and eventually reached such an esteem in the world of bowling. I was surprised knowing that Paeng have designed a bowling ball by accident. It happened in one of his tournament wherein, he was having a hard time getting the grip of his skill. He noticed that the lane has excessively slippery. What he did was, he got himself a sandpaper and started sanding the ball and he said it worked! Now, you can view his patented ball in major bowling alleys here in Philippines. By the way, when he was a kid, he used to play golf as his first sport.

One portion of his talk was about decipline and how dedicated he is to maintain such athletic form at the his age. He was invited to be a model in a highly acclaimed international sport magazine. This guy is amazing!

Nice to get one good shot with him after his talk. :)