Saturday, November 3, 2007

ocean adventure adventure...

Thanks to our company(I love you P&G!), we have been sponsored (well, all employees actually) to enjoy with our family one of our very own marine park, Ocean Adventure.

The drive was so tiring, better have back-up driver if you plan to visit soon :).

Hey, that's not's their mascot.

You know what, when we were in the path going to Subic, everthing seemed to be good. I realized the long hours drive was indeed worthwhile. Greenery was awesome! Just drive cautiously because there are zigzag roads that you will come across with.

We arrived OA early, well, we were one of the early birds. One more important tip, pack along with you some good snacks or just simply make one that will suit your breakfast need. Why? because there were no sari-sari stores inside, no jollibee (fastfood have a meaningul role that time)... Inside, I was ashamed to my family (becasue I've been rushing them to get ready early on that morning) but they did not complain. Sorry...

Animations - 3d dolphin
I believe Ocean Adventure is offering exciting program - Dive with the Whales. There is no other like it in the world. You will have a chance to join their false killer whales in their natural, open water home for a special, intimate and underwater experience you will never forget. They will allow you to touch them, swim with them, and explore their underwater world together. We have also seen how well their sea lion performing to us, in person. They are real, no director's cut.

The park also offers a good cafe restaurant, souvenir shop, playroom for kids, and aqua museum.

This may help you (just got this in from other website)
To get there by car you can enter through either the Subic Freeport Main Gate at Magsaysay Drive and turn left at Rizal Highway then right at Argonaut Highway or through the Subic Freeport Tollway and turn right at Rizal Highway and left at Argonaut Highway. Drive straight along Argonaut Highway, pass the airport, through the former Naval Magazin Area and the picturesque rain forest and down to Camayan Wharf. This drive will take you approximately fourty five (45) minutes.

Animations - dolphin in waves

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